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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A road map of Paris Region

The range of Econovista maps available in hard copy format is expanding. Following the Econovista economic map of Paris Region and the map produced in partnership with the Port of Paris Authority showing the major multimodal platforms, now Paris Region road maps (showing the economic map on one side and an IGN – French geographic institute – road map on the other) are available in an English-language version.

To receive one or more copies of the new map free of charge, simply contact us at: econovista@paris-region.com

Also available on request is the large-format laminated poster version of the economic map (1.20m x 0.90m) in French or English.

Find more information about Paris Region economic potential on Econovista.com, the free & interactive economic map of Paris Region (Paris Ile de France)


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