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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paris Region. An international place to invest

Around 20% of all jobs in Paris Region are generated by international groups. Paris Region’s 65,000 international managers represent around 100 different nationalities, primarily from OECD countries. This international workforce is highly qualified. In 2007-2008, Paris Region welcomed 73,000 international students, while foreign nationals account for 20% of students studying for Masters degrees and doctorates. Otherwise, 20,000 French students each year make the most of the Erasmus European exchange. On their return, they become part of a professional environment that’s cosmopolitan and multicultural in its outlook.

Paris Region’s highly-qualified workforce attracts entrepreneurs from all over the globe. France ranks No.2 in Europe for workforce qualification levels (Cushman & Wakefield, 2008). It offers a wide range of post baccalaureate courses covering the full range of disciplines within the European Bachelor/Master’s/doctorate framework, as well as specialist professional training programmes at all levels (school leavers through to PhD standard). Students at the universities and the Grandes Écoles are increasingly encouraged to gain work experience through apprenticeship schemes, while combined work/study programmes enable businesses to recruit graduates who already possess operational expertise. Contrary to popular belief, France’s workforce is the third most productive in the world. French workers produce US$35.08 per hour of work, just behind those in the USA (US $35.63/h) and Norway (US$37.99/h).

Photo : "Cité universitaire internationale", welcome of the foreign students and researchers to Paris. © Vincent Gollain

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