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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Research. Paris-Region, leader in fundamental and applied research

Paris Region is the only region in Europe which excels in both fundamental and applied research. The region employs 7% of the EU’s combined private and public research workforce (2006 figures). Its R&D expenditure is among the highest in the world (8% of European R&D expenditure and more than 40% of France’s R&D expenditure: a total of €15.5 billion).
Private research is the more active of the two sectors: private companies account for 67% of the total internal R&D budget. The private sector employs more than 80,000 researchers and research engineers, i.e. 7% of the private research workforce of the EU as a whole. The research is primarily carried out within 7 major industry sectors: life sciences, information and communication technologies, the automotive sector, aeronautics space-defence, ecotechnology, finance and chemicals.

A global research elite
Paris Region alone accounted for nearly 2% of global research publications in 2006, attracting researchers from all over the world (with more than 80 nationalities represented). “Genopo le® is France’s leading biopark dedicated to biotechnology and biotherapies. It is an active member of the Medicen Paris Region competitiveness cluster and brings together around 20 private and public research laboratories, more than 60 biotech companies and university courses (Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne). Its growth and its unique profile have earned it an international reputation and its rapid expansion is set to establish Paris Region as Europe’s leading industrial hub in the field of medication and therapeutic innovation by the year 2010.”

A global force in mathematics
For the last ten years, Science Watch has ranked Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC) the world’s No.1 University for mathematics research, ahead of the US universities. The Fields Medal, the most prestigious award for outstanding achievements in mathematics, has been awarded to mathematicians from French institutions twelve times in all. The Abel Prize for 2009 was awarded to Mikhaïl Gromov – a Russian-born mathematician based in Paris Region – for his revolutionary contributions to the field of geometry.

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