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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Panorama: a new resource for discovering Essonne

Population, employment, business, revenues: the official website of the Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) has launched a new independent online resource presenting all aspects of this département’s economy from A to Z.
Maps, pictures and charts are used to help online visitors discover or find out more about the Essonne region, covering a wide range of themes which are grouped under seven headings: Environment and infrastructure, Demographics, Employment, Economic activity, Company start-ups and business transfers, Revenues and tax, and, finally, Priority areas and local development plans. The content of each section is downloadable in PDF datasheet format.

All of which makes it easy to discover that the Essonne region hosts a substantial number of major corporations and innovative SMEs in high-technology sectors. In all, nearly 44,000 businesses are located in the département.
Six major road routes cross Essonne to the north and the south, while the LGV Atlantique high-speed rail line crosses it from
Verrières-le-Buisson to Saint-Cyr-sous-Dourdan in the west. North Essonne benefits from the presence of Paris-Orly international airport.
Now the CCI has made a mass of information easily accessible to anyone – students, researchers, companies and institutions – with an interest in Essonne’s socio-economic geography.

To find out more about this new resource:
Panorama économique de l’Essonne (available in French only)

Crédits : Plateau de Saclay- Essonne

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