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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seine-Saint-Denis Avenir, the economic development agency for the département of Seine-Saint-Denis, began operations on 1 January 2009

The new agency has a number of remits. Its role is to promote the economy of Seine-Saint-Denis by enhancing the area’s attractiveness and visibility, and it will be launching an intensified regional marketing campaign and approaching companies directly. Seine-Saint-Denis Avenir will effectively function as a “gateway” to the département, giving companies access to the local partner networks they need to successfully locate, grow and thrive in the area (including local/regional authorities, chambers of commerce, employers’ associations, entrepreneurs, research institutes and training organisations).
The agency also plans to assist SMEs in accessing innovation and forging links with research, by promoting economic sectors with significant future growth potential and enhancing the role of competitiveness clusters.
The département has also made Seine-Saint-Denis Avenir its operational arm for rebalancing the region with the emphasis on two priority sectors: Le Bourget, where plans for an aeronautics cluster are taking shape; and the Canal de l’Ourcq, where the business parks currently being established will host eco-businesses in particular.

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