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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mapping the future of Paris Region's transport system

Now online is Paris Region’s interactive map of the new public transport routes due to become operational between now and 2016. Internet users can see the planned extensions to the French capital's existing light rail and metro lines as well as some new lines.
The many projects to be discovered include Arc Express, an automatic metro around Paris, which is being funded by Paris Region, the government and STIF. The aim of this service is to transport people quickly and easily between suburbs without passing through Paris itself. Demand for this type of transport has increased considerably in recent years. The Arc Express link will work on the same principle as the existing Paris Metro. The future Viroflay-Chatillon light rail line will be a viable alternative to travelling by car for 150,000 people living or working less than 500 metres from a station.
Another interesting project is the extension of the RER E "Eole" to the west to take in La Défense, which will further improve links between the eastern and western sectors of Paris Region.

To find out more, see Paris Region's transport planning map


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