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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Essonne – one of Paris Region's most dynamic departments

In September the Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a new report on the state of the department's economy, examining the department's achievements in terms of value creation from four angles:

- Entrepreneurial dynamic: the new business start-up rate in Essonne is higher than in 2006. More than 5,000 jobs were created in 2007, a 12.5% increase compared with 2006.

- Business competitiveness: Essonne has one of the lowest business tax rates.

- Attractiveness and cohesion: the Essonne companies surveyed rated the living environment at the top of the list. Then came the benefits of being part of Paris Region: the communications infrastructure, proximity and size of the market, training and higher education. The drawbacks quoted were the lack of international awareness, taxation and real estate costs. Orly airport is considered to be a major advantage to businesses.

- Human resources: a region's wealth also comes from its human resources. The department has seen a significant increase in recruitment and businesses’ recruitment plans are more extensive than the regional average.

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