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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Gennevilliers, the leading logistics platform in Ile-de-France and number two in Europe

The 70 sites in the Paris Region or Ile-de-France Region, managed by the Port of Paris Authority, offer major advantages for on-site businesses:

- an excellent location at the heart of the largest consumer market in France,
- multimodal access - one of Europe's top water, rail and road networks,
- extensive facilities: 1,000 hectares of plots and 1 million sq.m warehouses, business premises and offices including 300.000 sq.m in the centre of the estate,
- specialised service providers that offer all of the logistics and shipping-related services

The major multimodal hub ports of Paris Region on Econovista.com

Use the interactive map now to explore the main sites in the Paris Region: the multimodal hub ports of Limay, Gennevilliers and Bonneuil, the hub ports of Lagny, Montereau, Evry, Dammarie-lès-Lys, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Nanterre, Bruyères-sur-Oise, Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône.

The Port of Paris Authority - Partner of Econovista

The Port of Paris Authority's mission is to create, develop, maintain and promote commercial activity in the harbours of the Ile-de-France region.
The Port of Paris Authority is the largest river port in France and the second largest in Europe.
When it comes to location set-up, transport and logistical advice and assistance, the PPA helps you every step of the way.

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The Port of Paris Authority website:

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