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Monday, April 26, 2010

Competitiveness cluster. SYSTEM@TIC PARIS REGION, the cluster at the heart of the digital revolution

SYSTEM@TIC PARIS REGION develops key tools and technologies in the field of software-dominant systems, focusing its activities on three application markets with a strong social dimension: transport, telecoms and security.
The cluster is based on an ecosystem comprising some 900 SMEs, dynamic drivers of innovation representing more than 35,000 jobs related to the cluster’s core specialisms: software, electronics and optics. They all share certain defining characteristics which mark them out as:

• Innovative – dedicating a significant proportion of their revenues to R&D
• Prioritising a path to growth based on a collaborative approach
• Positioned in the cluster’s target markets and technologies.

Advantages of cluster membership:

• Access to and participation in strategic and specialist projects in each of the working groups
• Participation in R&D projects
• Visibility
• Building contacts (R&D, business, finance, etc.)

In order to help innovative Paris Region SMEs to maintain a global standard of competitiveness and to optimise their innovative capability, SYSTEM@TIC has set itself the mission of supporting SMEs operating in the high-tech fields of software, systems, electronics and optics. The ability to innovate is the key challenge currently facing SMEs in order to maintain their competitiveness in the global marketplace and offer an alternative to delocalisation.

The “AMBITION PME” programme
SYTEM@TIC has been appointed by Paris Region and the French government to lead a programme of initiatives in Optics and Complex Systems, in partnership with the Paris Region network of regional chambers of commerce and industry (CRCIs) and Opticsvalley.
“Ambition PME”, supported by the state and by the regional authorities, aims to help create optimum conditions for the development of innovative Paris Region SMEs with high growth potential working in high-tech sectors: software, systems, electronics and optics. This programme represents an exceptional opportunity to capitalise and showcase one of the region’s key strengths, to support the growth of high-tech SMEs and to raise Paris Region’s profile in the global high-tech sector.

Source: www.systematic-paris-region.com

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