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Friday, February 25, 2011

Econovista.com puts a map of the sustainable districts of Paris Region online

This new map identifies urban planning projects which aim to integrate sustainable development objectives and to reduce the ecological footprint of the region. These districts were the winners of a competition organised by the Île-de-France Regional Council to attribute a seal of quality to “New Urban Districts”, and by the State for their designation “Eco-district”. They had to comply with strict specifications regarding energy conservation, density and urban requalification.

Econovista.com puts this map of Île-de-France's sustainable districts at your disposal in both French
and English. This new map identifies the 29 urban planning projects chosen by State and Regional Council competitions, as well as projects backed by the Regional Office of infrastructure as part of the State-Region Projects Contract 2007-2013 (CPER), of which the 'Big Project' (GP3), called “Intensify the attractiveness of Île-de-France”, is aimed at sustaining urban development operations.

By clicking on the + tab of the picto you are taken to a presentation of Île-de-France's sustainable districts, complete with a definition of the criteria behind the labels “Eco-district” and “New Urban Districts”, as well as a description of the 29 districts being developed in Île-de-France (labels, number of dwellings, web links ...).

Three types of sustainable districts are identified on this map:
  • The “New Urban Districts”, stemming from the Regional Council competition, which respect a minimum density of 1500 dwellings in the “heart of the built-up area”. They favour brownfield sites or areas that are hardly urbanized in order to avoid encroaching on agricultural land or nature thus facilitating soft transport options. The chosen projects benefit not only from financial subsidies but also from contractual support, complete with concerted optimization of the project. I8 of these sites are listed in Île-de-France.
  • “Eco-districts” and “Eco-towns” are the result of State competitions. An eco-district is officially defined as an “urban planning project aimed at integrating sustainable development objectives and reducing its ecological footprint. In this way, it must insist on taking into account the entire environmental issues at stake and set ambitious levels of strictness.” Launched at the same time, the Eco-town project rewards bigger scale sustainable urban planning strategies. 4 eco-districts and 1 eco-town have been designated in Île-de-France.
  • The eco-district projects backed by Île-de-France's Regional Office of infrastructure. 12 in number, they are spread over 6 regional and national areas (OIN (National urban development schemes), new towns,...) considered important for the region's development : Plaine de France and the Roissy area ; Seine Aval and Cergy-Pointoise ; the whole of Marne-la-Vallée up to Meaux ; Orly Rungis and Seine Amont ; the Massy-Palaiseau/Saclay/Versailles/St-Quentin-en-Yvelines area ; the whole of Melun and Sénart.
Click here to go directly to the map in English.
Click here to go directly to the map in French.

This work was undertaken by the ARD (Paris Region Economic Development Agency) in association with the Île-de-France regional council, in a move to promote and develop the Île-de-France eco-region.

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