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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Econovista.com launching online map of eco-qualified business parks in the Paris Region

This new map shows the business parks in the Paris Region that meet sustainable development criteria in terms of their management, their activities & resources, their urban planning and the facilities available to businesses and employees.

Econovista.com is making the map of eco-qualified business parks in the Paris Region available in French and English. This new map shows 35 business parks which demonstrate the approach that Paris Region business park planners and managers are committed to.

By clicking on the pictogram's + tab, you will be directed towards an ID card of the area in pdf format listing for each park precise information about what kind of project is underway, what companies are there, as well as the park's objectives and services.

At this time, there are three business park categories shown on the map:
  • Ecoparks, which comprehensively provide a management scheme, a range of activities & resources, a selection of services and quality urban planning.
  • Eco-friendly business parks, in which sustainable development initiatives are focused around exemplary urban planning.
  • Business parks Under conversion, where an ecopark deployment process is underway.
This work has been conducted by PREDA in association with its partners, as part of an approach to enhance and promote the quality venues provided by the Paris Eco-region to host its businesses.

For direct access to the map in French, please click here.
For direct access to the map in English, please click here.

Econovista.com is a free map application for the sharing of business information about the Paris Region. Currently supported by over 20 regional and departmental partners, the Econovista.com website now has 12 theme maps illustrating the wealth and economic potential of the Paris Region.

Don't wait any longer to check out the area's various facets as you surf... f
rom exemplary business-hosting sites to transport infrastructures, business sectors of excellence, research centres, organisations to help businesses get established, not to mention the cutting-edge clusters in the Paris Region.

Lastly, on http://www.econovista.com you will find all of the functionalities needed to help you assess your choices in getting established: using different zoom levels, locate the business players you wish to see appear on the map, download the address and details of the right contacts, use the links towards the players' websites, etc.

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