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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Competitiveness cluster. Advancity – the green technologies and sustainable cities cluster

Advancity is a competitiveness cluster serving sustainable cities and green technologies, formed to enable businesses and research organisations to cooperate and undertake collaborative projects. The cluster is organised around seven strategic committees:

• Urban Environmental and Energy Technologies
• Ground-level / Sub-surface Infrastructures and Networks
• Building Energy Environment
• Efficiency of Public Transport
• New Applications and Mobility
• Accessibility and Urban Health Environment
• Eco-friendly Urban Organisation/Systems

The cluster’s primary aim is to stimulate innovation and to irrigate Paris Region’s industrial landscape with new competencies and innovative projects. The rapid deployment of eco-technologies for sustainable urban regeneration draws on a range of fields across fundamental research, technological development and engineering: a spectrum only a network can encompass in its entirety.
Advancity’s strength lies in its ability to nurture synergies between different players, helping collaborative projects to fruition and facilitating concrete, commercially viable outcomes.

Three vectors of excellence lie at the heart of the cluster’s strategy, contributing to the large-scale regeneration of urban environments:

- instrumentation, engineering and urban management systems;
- urban environmental efficiency through the management and development of ground-level and sub-surface networks and infrastructures, sustainable construction, urban planning and transport;
- urban quality of life and services, especially applied to mobility and the urban healthcare environment.

In France, cities account for 90% of GDP, 80% of the population, 75% of energy consumption and two thirds of greenhouse gas emissions. Restoring an urban metabolism that’s more resource-efficient and more environment-friendly while remaining active, attractive and open, is one of the major challenges of the 21st century – with green technologies as one of its primary components.

Source: Advancity

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