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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Biotechnologies. The potentialities of Paris Region

Paris is a major center for healthcare and the biotechnologies. Very high levels of training, an exceptional concentration of prestigious hospitals and a very dense industrial fabric have established the capital as an essential location for companies in these sectors.
The AP-HP (Public Hospital System of the City of Paris) is Europe’s largest hospital center, the leading center of clinical research in Europe and the leading promoter of clinical trials in France.

Christophe Misse, Head of Clinical Research and Development at the AP-HP, stresses the importance of collaborative working between manufacturers, research bodies and universities. “Working on the basis of service agreements and technical support centers, the AP-HP offers an exceptional package of services for companies developing clinical trials. 28 companies have already been set up on the basis of innovation”.
With its high level of involvement in industrial research, the AP-HP makes an active contribution to the Medicen Paris Region competitiveness cluster.
Many organizations dedicated to innovation have sprung up in recent years. For example, Paris Biotech Santé is a business start-up and growth center, located on the Université Paris Descartes campus. It launches around 10 new projects every year. Paris Biotech Santé has set up a 5,000 m² enterprise center within the Cochin hospital. “It’s a great success”, says Director Olivier Amédée Manesme. “We’ve created 200 jobs in under 18 months, and the companies involved have raised over 120 million!”

The Institut de la Vision is another success on the international scale. Headed by Professor Sahel, the institute is the first European integrated research center totally dedicated to diseases of the eye. This foundation brings together the skills of international researchers, doctors and manufacturers to accelerate the process of discovering and validating curative and preventive treatments for vision-related illnesses.
One of the most ambitious partnerships is the Descartes project, which involves six major partners: Essilor, the Institut de la Vision, Fovea Pharmaceuticals, Visioact, Microled and the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). This low vision research consortium employs around 40 researchers with a total budget of €33 million.

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