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Monday, December 14, 2009

Be connected to Europe and the world

Less than two hours by plane from Europe’s leading capitals, Paris Region (Paris Ile-de-France) benefits from outstanding transport infrastructures.
First, its airports: Paris-Charles de Gaulle is the Europe’s premier airport hub. This airport platform has another key advantage in its interconnection with the TGV (high-speed rail) network.

Secondly, with 12,000 km of roads in total, Paris Region is connected with national and international network. Thirdly, Paris Region has one of the world’s most advanced rail platforms, maintaining its pioneering role in the European high-speed rail network. The rail network radiates from the region in all directions, connecting it within a few hours to Europe’s leading business centres, with Eurostar serving London, Thalys serving Brussels and the TGV East connecting Paris to Munich via Strasbourg and Stuttgart.

Finally, with 500 km of waterways under its management, the Port of Paris Authority is Europe’s second-largest river port, comprising 10 multi-modal platforms (rail/road/river) and operating as the hinterland for Le Havre, one of Europe’s leading containerised traffic hubs. River transport has a key role to play in the drive to limit CO2 emissions.
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