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Monday, November 30, 2009

Benchmarking. Paris, the second most attractive business city in Europe

London and Paris remain the most attractive business cities, according to the 20th edition of the European Cities Monitor, published by international commercial real estate brokers and consultants Cushman & Wakefield. Paris continues to be attractive, but the economic crisis has allowed London to retain its edge.In the eyes of international investors, Paris is in second place when judged on the four main location factors: market accessibility, qualified staff, quality of telecommunications and external transport links.

"Quality of life for employees" remains a major advantage for Paris, which is in 7th place, well ahead of London and Frankfurt, ranked 11th and 24th respectively.The survey revealed that Paris is considered by senior managers to be the top destination for potential expansion into Western Europe and is ranked 4th after Moscow and Bucharest if they are interested in all of Europe. Paris has edged closer to London in terms of easy access to markets and transport infrastructure quality.

Survey method: European Cities Monitor analyses the opinion of senior managers of the 500 largest European corporations regarding the attractiveness of the major European cities and factors relating to their choice of future business location. The study compares 34 major European cities and analyses 12 key factors in choice of location.

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European Cities Monitor 2009

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