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Monday, November 23, 2009

How to use Econovista Paris Region map? The new Econovista user guide is available now!

Econovista® is an interactive economic map to help you discover the wealth of opportunities Paris Region (or Ile de France) has to offer. It is available free of charge on the internet.

Econovista®offers a host of functions to help you pinpoint key information on Paris Region’s economy and potential locations for your business.Econovista.com includes 11 themed maps, allowing you to explore Paris Region’s rich potential. Each map displays a different aspect of the region – from transport infrastructures to sectors of excellence, and including leisure facilities and the region’s competitiveness clusters (Cap Digital Paris Region / Digital content; ASTech Paris Region / Aeronautics, Space & Defence, etc.).

How to use Econovista Paris Region map? The new updated version of the Econovista user guide is available now, providing an overview of the map’s key functions and instructions to help you get to grips with this interactive resource or refine your use of it. The guide has been re-worked and streamlined, showing you how to identify valuable information on the map, share your map, export data, etc.
You can consult the new Econovista user guide online

Or obtain a hard copy/PDF version by contacting :


Explore selected aspects of the region’s economy on Econovista, the interactive economic map of Paris Region

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