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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Futur en Seine : Major event in Paris Region

Cap Digital, the Parisian Region Business Cluster for Digital Content and Services, launches the “Futur en Seine first edition from May 29th to June 7th. “Futur en Seine” is a pioneering and popular cultural, technological and social event throughout the city of Paris and the surrounding region. Cap Digital has invited leading Parisian companies and research labs to present their innovative prototypes, digital technologies and demos in prestigious sites throughout the Ile-de-France during the Festival.

Over the festival, the “Futur en Seine” international program will bring together renowned international thinkers and visionaries with creatives and practitioners from leading European (and US) cities to discuss new approaches and prototypes, design new blue-prints, and formulate recommendations for a more “livable”, humane, and sustainable digital city of the future.

To op the international program on 30th/31st May, leading international thinkers will address these themes at the World Information City Conference which has chosen to hold its major annual event in Paris, with such eminent speakers as Saskia Sassen, Stephen Graham and Bruno Latour. This major event promises new insight and debate at the highest international level, and is a fitting way in which to open the international festival.

These themes are addressed throughout the following days in conferences, exhibitions, prototypes and demonstrations, before being taken up again at World Future Digital City@FenS, Cap Digital’s international event, under the heading “The Digital City in the Next Five Years” in the final days of the festival, 5th-7th June.

We invite you to visit the event’s website.  

Check out the "Cap Digital – Digital Content" map now for all the Paris Region locations participating in the event and find out about the technological innovations that will be on show at this major public festival.

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