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Friday, April 24, 2009

La Défense continues to expand

Plans for not one but two skyscrapers were unveiled at MIPIM 2009 by the developer Hermitage and the architect Norman Foster. The twin buildings, called Hermitage Plaza, 321 and 323 metres high and providing space of 250,000 sqm (2.7 million sq.ft), are being built on the Les Damiers site, and are scheduled to be completed by 2014. The first 91-storey tower block will house a 5-star hotel with more than 200 rooms, a spa and apartments with panoramic views. The lower section of the second, 93-storey building will be occupied by offices while the rest will be for housing. Both towers will be twisted and built over a huge square as big as the Place du Trocadéro in Paris, where there will be shops, restaurants, cafés, an auditorium and a contemporary art gallery.


Another project to convert office blocks into housing has already been discussed by La Défense’s development board EPAD. Although the actual buildings involved were not specified, it will most likely concern first-generation tower blocks built in the 1970s.Publier le message


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Olivier ABESSOLO - Paris Region Economic Agency 


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