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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Film shoots: the attractiveness of Paris, the creativity of Paris Region

Paris remains as attractive as ever840 French and international film shoots took place in the streets of Paris in 2008, including all genres from feature films to ads; this represented an increase of 10% compared with the previous year. An average of 9 film shoots took place in Paris each day in 2008, based in more than 4,400 locations and taking a combined total of 3,339 days. Revenues generated by fees for the use of spaces and public facilities exceeded €650,000 – compared with €450,000 in 2007. Film shoots in Paris are subject to specific conditions: filming on public roads is entirely free of charge, but fees are negotiated for parking filming vehicles and the use of municipal facilities such as museums, schools, parks and gardens. Half of all films made in France are filmed in Paris.
… while the Oscars showcase the region’s creativityNot only does Paris Region attract international film crews, it also exports its creativity across the globe. Oktapodi, an animated film produced as a graduation piece by six students at École des Gobelins, was nominated in the Animated Shorts category at the last Oscars ceremony in Hollywood. This honour also reflects on the Paris-based Gobelins school itself, which is one of the world’s top animation schools. This short film telling the story of two octopuses has already won a number of other prizes in Asia, the USA, Brazil and France. France is the world’s third-largest producer of animated films after the USA and Japan.

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