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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Higher education : 594,000 students in Paris Region

HEC, Jouy en Josas, 2007

According to the french Ministery of Eduction, Paris Region welcomes 594,000 students in 2006- 2007. 17 public universities, a lot of business schools (HEC, ESSEC, ESCP-EAP, INSEAD, etc.), institutes of engineering education and research (ParisTech, ESIEE, Telecom SudParis, ...), Institutes of Technology, specialised bodies likes Beaux Arts de Paris, ...

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More information about the French Educational System:
18 years and older- Higher Education:
in France, Higher Education is offered in private institutions as well as in the public establishments. The public institutions include: a) the Facultés grouped in Universities, which are authorized to grant State degrees; b) the University Institutes of Technology are designed to train future high-ranking administrators and technicians in the industry; c) the great scientific and literary institutions and research and study institutions.
More : see the
American Chamber of Commerce in Paris (France)

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